Great Western Randonnées

Audax UK organiser exploring the reach of the former Great Western Railway.



These are events on a specific day.

Date | Name | Distance (km) | Climb (m) | AAA


2020 (It’s going to be AAA hilly season):


These can be undertaken at any time to suit you.

Climb vs Audax Altitude Award points

Why do some events have climbing but no points? Why do some have similar climbing/1000 to points? Why do some have more climbing/1000 to points?

Welcome to the mysterious world of AAAs. I love hills. All my events are going to feature at least one cracking #wills_hills. To get to grips with the climb vs AAAs though grab yourself a cup of tea, pint or perhaps a large whisky, a note pad, an OU degree in ‘wtf?’ and make your choice…

Use the links for the currently registered events. More will be added over time. I hope to develop this into a more in-depth website in the future.