From Glen to Ben and back again!

On top of the UK

LEJOG continued… up Ben Nevis. More misty mountains. Terrible forecast. Grey morning. Clears quick. It is on. Up, up, up. Sack of potatoes. On top of the UK at 1344m. Phone Mummy #braggingrights. Down, down, down. Peppermint tea with a straw in a GLASS!

Grandpa Pom & on to Glen Nevis

LEJOG continued. Misty mountains. Outstanding octagons. Fantastic hospitality. The border. Circles and crashes. 3 swims. Farewells. Squirrels & isle. Dazzling diamond. WASPS. Ancient stones, cairns and not one but 3 castles. And finally the most horrid day of all…

Mummy & on to The Lakes

LEJOG continued. Proper Birthday. Mummy. 2 bridges, a first for 1. Steep hills and a castle. Struggles & decisions. Connect 4 progress. Grey. 100k. Warmshowers. Good byes. Chester Cathedral & Lego, lots of lovely Lego! Ferry…. across the Mersy. Wind farm & Gormley. Connect 4 – in for the kill! Another 100k. Lawnmowers. Grey, dark grey, darker grey and very wet. The Lakes & one hell of a hill. Windermere & Grandpa Pom.

Land’s End to Birthday Weekend

LEJOG – The beginning! Getting up and catching a train. Quick trip to hospital. The finger post at Land’s End. BEACH. Friends. Hills. I Spy. Owls. Railway Trails. Steam Trains. Aunt & Uncle. Trampolining. Relaxing. Trampolining. And a bold ride home!

Rock & Limpet’s Grand Tour – LEJOG

Land’s End to John o’Groats, LEJOG, End to End, call it what you will. It was one hell of an adventure! And it was done on homemade bamboo bikes. In 30 days. Oh, and we added Lego bricks to the largest model being built in the world of and in Chester Cathedral, and climbed Ben Nevis!