A Randonnée distance distinguished by two types:

– Brevet Randonneur (BR) – an AUK classification where speeds can be between 13.1/3 to 30kph; the time allowance is based on the overall distance.

– Brevet de Randonneurs Mondiaux (BRM) – an Audax Club Parisien classification where speeds are 15 to 30kph; the time allowance is based on the nominal distance ie 1000 thus 75h00.

Upcoming Events:

Double Creamed Full Fat Festives

2020 December Sunday 27th: 16:00 - Wednesday 30th: 20:30

The Festive 500 challenge came about after Rapha’s Graeme Raeburn’s double creamed 1000km over the festive period. He decided 500km was enough for the challenge, the extra 500 being pointless; well in Audax that isn’t quite true…

Easton, Berwick Road, Easton, BS5 6NG

Points: 1000
Actual: 1020
Speed: 13.3-25
CLIMB: 8379
AAA: 0.00
Rainbow Flat