A Randonnée distance distinguished by two types:

– Brevet Randonneur (BR) – an AUK classification where speeds can be between 14.3 to 30kph; the time allowance is based on the overall distance.

– Brevet de Randonneurs Mondiaux (BRM) – an Audax Club Parisien classification where speeds are 15 to 30kph; the time allowance is based on the nominal distance ie 300 thus 20h00.

Upcoming Events:

Moonrakers & Sunseekers 300

2020 November Friday 27th: 22:00 - Saturday 28th: 18:32

Moonrakers become sunseekers! Ride through the night under a full moon to the coast. Return via a few Dorset hills passing Glastonbury Tor, use the Strawberry Line to Bristol.

Business as Usual, Unit 3 Russell Town Ave, Lawrence Hill, BS5 9LT

Points: 300
Actual: 308
Speed: 15-30
CLIMB: 2300
AAA: 0.00
Rainbow Flat

Summit 'bout Titterstone Clee 300

2021 March Saturday 13th: 06:00 - Sunday 14th: 02:52

A fast ride with a handful of hills; one being Titterstone Clee, its trig point and radar stations.

Easton, Berwick Road, Easton, BS5 6NG

Points: 300
Actual: 313
Speed: 15-30
CLIMB: 3620
AAA: 1.75
Bronze Grimpeur

Bill's Easton Connection 300

2021 April Saturday 10th: 06:00 - Sunday 11th: 02:20

Head to the coast for the Easton connection & Portland Bill. Return along the Jurassic Coast & via Gold Hill in Shaftesbury. #wills_hills & views in good supply, 3 different railway paths included.

Felix Road Adventure Playground, Felix Road, Easton, BS5 0JW

Points: 300
Actual: 306
Speed: 15-30
CLIMB: 4950
AAA: 5.00
Gold Grimpeur