A Randonnée distance distinguished by two types:

– Brevet Randonneur (BR) – an AUK classification where speeds can be between 14.3 to 30kph; the time allowance is based on the overall distance.

– Brevet de Randonneurs Mondiaux (BRM) – an Audax Club Parisien classification where speeds are 15 to 30kph; the time allowance is based on the nominal distance ie 600 thus 40h00.

Upcoming Events:

Devilishly Elegant 600

2021 June Saturday 12th: 06:00 - Sunday 13th: 00:38

The inaugural 600 #wills_hills fest! Journeying up through England and back through Wales. It’ll test your legs and your mental fortitude but the scenery will pay dividends. Do you accept the devilishly elegant challenge?

White Hart Inn, Station Road, Iron Acton, BS37 9UG

Points: 600
Actual: 609
Speed: 14.3-25
CLIMB: 10140
AAA: 10.25
Gold Grimpeur