Bronze Grimpeur

Bronze Grimpeur

Within this there is a ranking system for events less than 300km.

The easy ones are known as Bronze Grimpeurs. My son at the age of 8 became a Bronze Grimpeur (casually throwing down the gauntlet).


Wells, Mells & Broader! 200
Whitchurch, City of Bristol
Sun 14th Feb 2021 @ 07:00
4.9 rating
Climb: 2800m | AAA: 2.75
Entry: £7.50

Going broader afield for some more #wills_hills. A cathedral city, Stourhead Gardens, broad gauge transfer shed and an old rail trail are a few of the delights.

Wells, Mells & Old Rail Trail 100
Whitchurch, City of Bristol
Sun 14th Feb 2021 @ 09:00
4.9 rating
Climb: 1587m | AAA: 1.5
Entry: £6.50

Taking in the sights south of Bristol. Expect a few #wills_hills including King Alfred’s Tower and some beautiful countryside including a lovely gradual descent on a traffic free old rail trail

Summit 'bout Titterstone Clee 300
Easton, City of Bristol
Sat 13th Mar 2021 @ 06:00
5.0 rating
Climb: 3620m | AAA: 1.75
Entry: £8.50

A fast ride with a handful of hills; one being Titterstone Clee, its trig point and radar stations.