Silver Grimpeur

Silver Grimpeur

Silver Grimpeurs lie in a small indestinguishable band between Bronze and Gold Grimpeurs and can often be the difference of just one hill.


Granny's Cotswolds Telegram 160
Iron Acton, South Gloucestershire
Sat 22nd Sep 2018 @ 07:45
5.0 rating
Climb: 2202m | AAA: 2.25
Entry: £6.50

Remember your granny, you are going to need it! An outing into the Cotswolds; big hills, little hills and more #wills_hills with chocolate box villages interspersed. You may use my name in vain.

Chalke & hAAArd Cheese 200
Warmley, City of Bristol
Sat 11th Sep 2021 @ 07:00
Climb: 2947m | AAA: 3.00
Entry: £7.50

The wonderful Chalke Valley and Cheddar Gorge set the scene for stunning views en route, if it’s clear you can just see The Needles! This hAAArd cheese summer variant incorporates more #wills_hills and secluded country lanes.

Missed Connection 160
Easton, City of Bristol
Sat 9th Apr 2022 @ 08:00
4.8 rating
Climb: 2200m | AAA: 2.00
Entry: £10.00

Head to the coast… Fiddlesticks you’ve missed your connection! Head to Gold Hill in Shaftesbury before returning through Longleat Estate. #wills_hills & views, 3 different railway paths include.