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Remember your granny, you are going to need it! An outing into the Cotswolds; big hills, little hills and more #wills_hills with chocolate box villages interspersed. You may use my name in vain.

Frenchay, City of Bristol | Mon 16th Jan 2017 @


Remember your granny, you are going to need it! An outing into the Cotswolds; big hills, little hills and more #wills_hills with chocolate box villages interspersed. You may use my name in vain.

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BP - Londis
Frenchay Park Road
Frenchay, BS16 1LF
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Extensive route notes and a variety of nav files will be sent via email a week before the event. Use the interactive map for an overview of what lies ahead (subject to change); toggle the elevation & grade on/off by clicking the key. *Please note plugin's 'grade' is experimental so take it with a pinch of salt.

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Event Information


An Imperial Century Grimpeur showcasing the Cotswolds. Starting from Frenchay, North Bristol you’ll make a beeline to Wootton-under-Edge where the fun begins! Dropping down into old mill towns and climbing back out again you make your way north to Cheltenham. Turn and climb up again into the Cotswolds to Northleach. Then cruise (well almost) through picturesque countryside and villages before entering the valleys and mill towns again for a visit to Dursley. Hold onto your hats and engage low gear for the final steep one before a quick return and some pub grub.

You may start any where on the route but you must get proof of passage when you start and finish.


Entry includes postage of brevet card one way. Select whether you want to receive your card before or after the event in the entry process. If you select before allow 5 working days to receive, you must then return your card post event with your proof of passage and a self addressed envelope for me to return back to you. If you select after send me the proof of passage electronically; photos (of receipts) or GPX and I’ll fill out your brevet card and return.

You will receive all the details of controls, times etc via a ‘do not reply to’ email upon entering; there will be a link within so you can notify me by email up to a second before you depart.


I’m sorry but I will no longer accept postal as I rarely am able to get to the bank. The payment process isn’t Paypal and will accept credit or debit cards.


Please note:
  • This event is run in accordance with Audax UK's Regulations and is covered by their insurance.
  • Currently only available to Audax UK or CTC/CUK members.
  • Current COVID-19 restrictions if applicable, please see Audax UK news.
  • Whilst COVID-19 restrictions have eased additional measures may still be undertaken for a successful event. Please check the Event Info Details above.
  • Once payment is completed you will receive an email from and will be redirected back to a page saying what happens next.
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Entry £5.00

Before - post completed card with proof of passage & SAE for final return.
After - collect proof of passage & send by email, final card return included.

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