Felix Road Adventure Playground

Facilities listed below unless stated otherwise in the specific event information.


The Giant's Tooth 500
Fri 30th Aug 2019 @ 21:00
Climb: 8133m | AAA: 8.25
Entry: £0.00

Head to the Welsh coast & Llangrannog; home of the Bica the Giant’s tooth! Fast valleys, remote Welsh mountains, old mining towns; it’s all there! Descend the Devil’s Staircase and climb his Elbow #wills_hills galore!

Bill's Easton Connection 300
Sat 9th Apr 2022 @ 06:00
Climb: 4884m | AAA: 5.00
Entry: £0.00

Head to the coast for the Easton connection & Portland Bill. Return along the Jurassic Coast & via Gold Hill in Shaftesbury. #wills_hills & views in good supply, 3 different railway paths included.

Missed Connection 160
Sat 9th Apr 2022 @ 08:00
Climb: 2200m | AAA: 2.00
Entry: £0.00

Head to the coast… Fiddlesticks you’ve missed your connection! Head to Gold Hill in Shaftesbury before returning through Longleat Estate. #wills_hills & views, 3 different railway paths include.