Missed Connection 160


Head to the coast… Fiddlesticks you’ve missed your connection! Head to Gold Hill in Shaftesbury before returning through Longleat Estate. #wills_hills & views, 3 different railway paths include.

08:00 - 21:12
Felix Road Adventure Playground
Easton, BS5 0JW
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Extensive route notes and a variety of files will be distributed to entrants via email a week or two before the event. In the mean time use the interactive map for an overview of what lies ahead (subject to change); toggle the elevation & grade on/off by clicking the key. *Please note plugin's 'grade' is experimental so take it with a pinch of salt, especially where rocky outcrops may be present.

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Exit Bristol using the Whitchurch Way then continue tracing the former Bristol & North Somerset Railway into The Mendips and its old mining towns. Continue south through the rolling East Somerset hills and dip into Dorset. You’ve missed the connection to Easton on the Bill so divert across Blackmore Vale to Shaftesbury and the cobbles of Gold Hill! Edge the West Wiltshire Downs and pass through Longleat to Frome and the southern end of The Cotswolds. Enjoy the 2 Tunnels, part of the old Somerset & Dorset Joint Railway, before popping out in Bath and following the former Midlands Railway shared path back into Bristol to a warm welcome in Easton.


Hot drinks, breakfast and dinner included.

There are a couple of width restrictions early on along the Whitchurch Way which aren’t suitable for trikes and tandems, a suggested alternative will be provided.

On street parking locally, you’ll be updated before the event.

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Bill's Easton Connection (2019)

5.0 rating
2nd February 2020

Bill’s Easton Connection (2019). The hardest 300 I have ridden overall. There are no spectacular climbs, but rather there is a constant war of attrition on the legs, with short and sharp ups and downs and, as the downs are often laney, little oportunity for the more cautious rider to get speed up. Portland Bill makes for a lovely mid-point, especially if you haven’t been there before, and the return North to Bristol is filled with some particularly lovely villages, as well as the cobbled climb up to the cafe in Shaftesbury (which caught me out — the trick, I was told, was to commit early), and Longleat’s grounds. Never has Lansdown Hill seemed so long and so steep. Will Pomeroy, the organizer, increases his reputation as the Torquemada of the Audax world, testing one’s faith in one’s legs. Only the pure of heart survive. All is forgiven, though, when one realizes the elegance of the route’s naming. Pictures #gwrbec


Grimper Gold

5.0 rating
1st February 2020

What an incredible route with beautifully brutal climbs, brilliant scenery and an epic feat of endurance. Myself and a friend took it on as we were keen of the medal for our collection. What I remember from all those months ago:
• Very well organised, with complimentary breakfast early doors, and friendly faces at several check points.
• A number of the published ‘Greatest Climbs’ en route
• Volunteers waiting a good few extra minutes for us at the top of the mighty Gold Hill
• An unforgettable pedal through the disused railway lines almost home and dry in Bath
• The view looking back to the coastline on the image above
• Will kindly waiting up for us in the early hours as we rolled in after the PBP cut-off time
…and then there’s our stats: 9,403 calories, 4951m of elevation gain, Bristol-Weymouth-Bristol, start time 6AM, finish time 2:38AM.

Alex G