Plains, Trains & no more Automobiles 200


Salisbury Plain, steam trains, & neolithic Avebury, Woodhenge & Stonehenge. A few #wills_hills at the end for good measure! NEW route for a quieter finish.

08:00 - 22:04
Warmley Waiting Room
Warmley, BS30 5JB
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Extensive route notes and a variety of files will be distributed to entrants via email a week or two before the event. In the mean time use the interactive map for an overview of what lies ahead (subject to change); toggle the elevation & grade on/off by clicking the key. *Please note plugin's 'grade' is experimental so take it with a pinch of salt, especially where rocky outcrops may be present.

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Departing from Warmley you’ll head east scaling the Cotswold escarpment for a gentle cruise through Malmesbury to the Whistlestop Cafe at Blunsdon Station; watch out for the trains! Then south through Avebury’s earthern works and stone circle, over the Pewsey Downs for stunning views across the Vale and down Wiltshire’s Avon valley. Turning west onto Salisbury Plain you’ll visit the lesser known neolithic site of Woodhenge first before using a 1km section of byway to approach Stonehenge giving you amazing views; you can get quite close to the stones here without paying to take in their time defying presence. Having made your way between tumulii using the closed main road you then continue across the Plain; time to form some trains if there is a headwind! Into the wonderful Wylye Valley you go and Ginny’s Cafe at The Ginger Piggery. On to Somerset and pass Cranmore Station where you have the option to stop within normal opening hours. Save a bit for the final section heading north as you’ll have a few #wills_hills in succession.

Caution: The 1km byway approaching Stonehenge is a firm surface, it has some large embedded flints to begin and potholes to end but just go slow and enjoy the scenery. It was easily navigated in March on 25mm tyres.


The start is easily accessible from Bristol on bike via the Railway Path. There is a small free car park with height barrier. All being good Warmley Waiting Room will be open early especially. Public toilets should be open from 06:30. The finish will be about a mile away at The Hollybush Inn serving food all afternoon for cyclists.

Other: The new complimentary A Bluestones’ Throw 400 will be running the day before visiting one of the birth places of Stonehenge’s Bluestones. It’s a toughie!

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5.0 rating
25th June 2020

Well, being the creator of this ride I can only say it is excellent 😉
Test rode it with Mr. T back in March 2017 & again on the event 2019 where I’d made a few changes. Now incorporating Woodhenge & Durrington Walls as well as Avebury and Stonehenge. Great cafe stops. And of course a few #wills_hills before the finish. One of my favourite routes

Will P

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