Sunseekers & Moonrakers 300

For the Sunseekers! Head to the Isle of Purbeck and Lulworth Cove. Get the ferry across Poole Harbour’s mouth. Chase the afternoon sun across Cranborne Chase. As evening draws in the Moonrakers come out. Rolling with some cracking #wills_hills. Some gravel thrown in for added fun!

Warmley, City of Bristol | Sat 8th Jul 2023 @ 06:00

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Sat 8th July 2023
06:00 - 02:36
Sun 9th July 2023
Warmley Station
Bristol And Bath Railway Path
Warmley, BS30 5JB
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Rainbow Flat
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For the Sunseekers! Head to the Isle of Purbeck and Lulworth Cove. Get the ferry across Poole Harbour’s mouth. Chase the afternoon sun across Cranborne Chase. As evening draws in the Moonrakers come out. Rolling with some cracking #wills_hills. Some gravel thrown in for added fun!


Straight to the coast at Lulworth Cove; a couple of hills along the way to keep the BPM high but otherwise a flowing route. Cross the Isle of Purbeck passing Corfe Castle, then some gravel across Studland Heath to the Sandbanks Ferry to skirt back round Poole Harbour to The Quay. Luxury Sunseekers adorn the far side. Use an old Roman road to Wimborne Minster, then shortly after a bit more gravel as you head across Cranborne Chase. Hop over a few of Salisbury’s river valleys for afternoon tea at Ginny’s Cafe in the Wylye Valley. Cross Salisbury Plain to Devizes and The Crammer, home of the Moonrakers; you may see a setting moon as the full moon is in a few days just after midday. Then over the Wessex Ridge before heading back to Bristol.

Sandbanks Ferry – £1.00 CASH

Caution: Several paths and tracks are used along the route, some are shared, some are byways, some bridleways; surfaces vary from metalled on the shared paths through to gravel. It is all worth it but being an advisory route you are welcome to route round. I have done all on 25mm tyres with no problem. Alternatives will be provided for all.

Like or loath* it? Let others know.
*Whilst I like to think I can affect the weather alas that is beyond my control...

What others think.

Absolutely splendid

6th July 2022

Organisationally top notch, and an absolutely splendid route.

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GWRaudax / Sinseekers & Moonrakers 300 BR

11th August 2020

What a day & what a route. We set out from Warmley on a very warm & beautiful day and headed out on the cycle path before turning off at Salford into quiet back country lanes. Before we knew it we reached the first check point a lovely farm shop at Stourbridge, Fueled up we were back on the road heading towards the coast with a few #willshills thrown in. We stopped for lunch at Lulworth Cove which was a nice treat, we then moved onto Studland taking in a lovely gravel section and then taking the ferry across to Sandbanks with the rich & famous. The route from Poole was again stunning with miles of quiet country lanes, a bit more gravel thrown in and a lovely food stop in Shaftesbury at 10.00pm. We rolled back into Warmley at 3.00am. A long but very enjoyable day and the route really is a must for anyone who enjoys the quiet lanes, seeing the coast for an hour or two and having a long enjoyable day in the saddle.

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Bookings aren't available; either I haven't opened entry yet or if after 06/07/23 then they have closed.

You are attending this event.

The following ride details are currently: CONFIRMED - all details have been updated. You will be notified by email of any last minute changes made here.

  • Please flick through the following tabs fully and make any preparations before the event.
  • Route files & links will be found under the 'Route' tab.
  • The event/route specific information will be finalised usually the Monday before the event and you will get an email reminder 3 days prior from - add it to your address book to save any disappointment.
  • Should you be unable to attend the event I have enabled cancellation from 'My Bookings'. This will aid me in keeping controls informed as to how many to expect and also reduce wastage when printing the brevet cards. Remember there is no option to refund or transfer if you are unable to attend.
  • You will receive your brevet card at the start. Should you start the ride and be unable to finish my phone number is within; please drop me a text with your full name to let me know you won't be finishing so volunteers and myself aren't waiting around longer than necessary at controls and the finish.
  • Please use 'Enquires' link above for any queries.

New to audax? Have a look at Audax UK's About for an overview & FAQs for commonly asked questions.

  • Until the route is finalised the interactive map above will give you an idea of where you are going.
  • It is advisable to study the route notes prior to the event for further details; especially if you are just using a GPX breadcrumb trail to navigate. These are also the 'cuesheet' within the RWGPS route; zoom the map to your desired level, click on a cue and it will focus the map at that cue.
  • Every effort is made to identify road closures before the event and provide alternatives where necessary; however I can not account for any emergency closures that are required.
  • A variety of surfaces may be encountered, some may be as smooth as a baby's bum, others potholed nightmares, or somewhere in between; if any unmetalled sections are used this will be noted in the Event Info above and now visible as 'unpaved' within RWGPS.
  • I do my utmost to select low traffic routes but there may be times busier sections are required.
  • Mudguards aren't mandatory but if you can fit them why wouldn't you?
  • I would always recommend a set of lights as you never know what could happen.
  • Similarly consider carrying 2 space blankets; they cost nothing, are tiny, and can keep you and an other warm should the unfortunate happen.
The main route supplied contains some gravel sections, these are easily rideable on all bikes; if you have skinny tyres just take your time. Road alternatives are supplied in the RWGPS Event.

Two points to note are:
  • @33km | Poor surface around quarry; this is in a fast dip and usually in the shade so any holes/ruts are difficult to spot.
  • @213km | Steep descent with level crossing at bottom.
Route Files:

CSV route notes - these can be edited in any spreadsheet software.


PDF route notes - a version with maps is available in linked RWGPS route (no account necessary to use the official PDF - use 'More v') or the event.


GPX with control waypoints - if re-uploading to an online planner please make private so as not to confuse others in the future - use this tool to split at waypoints and/or simplify.

RWGPS Links:

RWGPS Event - at least a free account needed but you will get full premium features, including offline maps & voice nav for the app, regardless of your subscription level. To sync to your device (Wahoo, Garmin Edge) you need to join this first.


RWGPS Route - no account needed but you will lack a few advanced features such as early turn warnings.

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The Waiting Room cafe will be open from 05:15 with breakfast rolls, tea, coffee etc. Please get there a bit early to give them time to serve you.

The finish is 'POSTAL' using the provided envelope; collect a receipt from Tesco Express ATM and use the post box at the Post Office (see controls).

Please arrive at least 10 minutes before the depart time to collect your brevet card.

Warmley Station - opens new tab for map.
Bristol And Bath Railway Path, Warmley, City of Bristol, BS30 5JB


On street near by - Please do not use the car park next to the start. This is 2hrs max and actively enforced. Surrounding streets in the immediate vicinity are residents only, further out no restrictions.

  • Lyde Green P&R is free to use but has opening/closing times though ungated; check link for restrictions. Directions here.
  • Bristol Parkway Main Car Park for long term parking and follow directions for 'train access' above.
  • Please do not use Bitton Station; this is intended for those using the railway path recreationally not for all day parking.
  • If the Hollybush Inn is being used as the finish please do not use their car park.

Food & Drink:
Food & Drinks available.
The cafe will usually be open 45mins before the start time for tea & coffee and breakfast rolls. Arrive early to avoid disappointment.
Unless specified otherwise above.

There is a Travelodge & Premier Inn just to the north at Emersons Green. See here for more. The YHA is in central Bristol and about 30mins cycle using the Bristol and Bath Railway Path.


Tesco Express ATM - opens new tab for map & a few details.

Route Controls:

  • 0km | 06:00 | DEPART: WARMLEY – Waiting Room.
  • 51km | 07:42-09:24 | CONTROL: STOURTON - Stourhead Farm Shop.
  • 117km | 09:54-13:48 | CONTROL: WEST LULWORTH [FREE] - collect receipt.
  • 153km | 11:06-16:12 | CONTROL: POOLE QUAY [FREE] - collect receipt.
  • 220km | 13:22-20:44 | CONTROL: BOYTON - Ginny's Cafe @ Ginger Piggery.
  • 250km | 14:20-22:40 | CONTROL: DEVIZES - The Moonrakers Bar & Grill.
  • 276km | INFO: UPPER SEAGRY - see brevet.
  • 309km | 16:18-02:36 | ARRIVEE: WARMLEY - Tesco Express ATM - collect receipt.

At the end make sure your brevet card is filled out with the times from the receipts. Make sure it is signed. Pop it in the supplied envelope with receipts and post at the Post Office.

This is what 'audax' is all about. Travelling between controls to collect proof of passage (PoP) to prove you have cycled the distance. The above controls are found in your brevet card, the route notes, as POIs with the route, and waypoints with the GPX. Your brevet card it to be filled out as you progress around the route. PoP is obtained in several ways. It is highly recommended you carry a pen or pencil to fill your brevet card as you go; if it is a long event numbering any receipts to correspond with the control number will save you time later, then keeping them in order is next level!

Types of control:
  • CONTROL - a place or venue where you obtain PoP which can be done in several ways. You will be able to get food and/or drink, also WC will be available.
    • Manned - a volunteer or venue member of staff will stamp your card providing PoP. All controls are thus unless specified as...
    • Free - you must obtain PoP from that place that has a time and date, usually a receipt from a cafe, shop or ATM.
  • INFO - a question found in your brevet card that is relevent to the location needs to be answered and recorded.
  • CHECKPOINT - similar to a control but there may not be any facilities present.
  • SECRET - now that would be telling wouldn't it!

I use the RWGPS app on my phone to navigate audax events by using spoken cues, I also use it to route check and proof my route notes. This IMHO is the best of all worlds. I don't need to look at a screen (but I can check if I want), I get clear directions when needed (you may need to get used to my shorthand which gets spoken as such), I get a warning if I'm off route, the battery lasts a lot longer than constantly using the screen; especially nowadays as phone batteries are getting bigger plus many are able to rapid charge in a short amount of time. All you need is a good case and mount for inclement weather.

  • Install the app.
  • Join the event.
  • Go to the route.
  • Send to device.
  • Open app and confirm download.
  • In settings (exact location varies depending on iOS or Android) to optomise for best battery use:
    • Logging - adjust interval: every 10s is best for the battery, logs your ride but won't get you any KOMs; every 1s uses 10x more battery power to write data but may get you a KOM if you pedal quick.
    • Navigation - Spoken alerts ON | Off-course alerts ON | others at your discretion.
    • Handlebar mode ENABLED - this will keep RWGPS above any screen lock so you can recall it if needed by pressing power button or similar.
    • Handlebar mode - Screen OFF for cues | Proximity Wake OFF (otherwise changes in light will turn the screen on) | Keep screen on NEVER.
    • Offline mode ENABLED - when you start riding.
  • Better still use flight/aeroplane mode whilst riding.
  • You can adjust the text-speech settings via your phone settings; the type of voice, playback speed etc.

Most of the battery drain on a phone is from the screen. By using voice commands you eliminate this but can still view the map if needs be. The second biggest drain whilst cycling is the phone itself searching for a signal as you move between cell towers; putting the phone into flight/aeroplane mode whilst moving solves this problem; you can easily turn data back on to #tag that #CAKE at the next stop!


Make sure battery optimisation is turned off otherwise Android will recognise RWGPS as an excessive battery drain and can limit its functionality. This will be particularily evident if you stop for a bit without GPS signal then continue; the app will appear to be functioning correctly but Android will limit it and data can be lost from the stop point until the app is restarted. There may be a similar feature in iOS.

  • Settings >Apps.
  • Find RWGPS and expand Advanced >Battery.
  • If it says optomised then select and wait for all apps to load.
  • Make sure the apps displayed are 'All apps', find RWGPS and select.
  • Select 'Don't optimise'. Exit settings.

You have agreed to and declared that at the time of the ride...

  • You have no symptoms relating to COVID-19.
  • That you are not self-isolating.
  • That you are not required to quarantine during the period of the event.
  • That no local or other regulations prohibit you from attending this event.
  • You agree that if you develop any such symptoms before the event you will not attend.
  • You agree that if I develop any such symptoms immediately after the event I shall inform the organiser.

Please follow any wishes of private establishments en route. I highly recommend carrying a mask/buff/scarf etc for the simple act of covering your face if needed when indoors. Any specifics requested by controls will be noted in the control tab.

Audax UK's current policy can be found here.