Each ride has a more concise collection on their page; grouped by ‘event’ if appropriate: the distance variations, perms, slightly hAAArder ones, etc.

Great mid winter ride.

2nd February 2020

Brilliant little ride, just enough to keep you ticking over,

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Chalk & Cheese blast

2nd February 2020

As ever with all GWR events, well organised, decent food stops, well thought out routes and as Will loves to do at the end of most of his events throws in some lovely “Will’s Hills”.

Always try and ride as of the GWR 200 events.

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Full Fat Festivities

2nd February 2020

So nice, I’ve ridden it twice (2018, 2019). Sausage butties and a hot brew before setting off around a beautiful route which has seen unseasonably good weather both years. Good spacing between controls, good organisation and communication before and during the ride. The best way to finish the year!

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Great Cotswold ride

2nd February 2020

A really good out and back ride through the Cotswolds. Loved the half way cafe stop at the old post office.

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MP Steam Express 600 Review

1st February 2020

Excellent event, although I did struggle to find the sleep stop control.

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MP Air Mail 200 Review

1st February 2020

Excellent pumcture free December ride through the Cotswolds.

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Tough for a first Audax

1st February 2020

My first Audax, a really good route, well organised with well thought out controls. Lucky with the weather, highly recommend. Great fun.

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Response from Pedalution


Grimper Gold

1st February 2020

What an incredible route with beautifully brutal climbs, brilliant scenery and an epic feat of endurance. Myself and a friend took it on as we were keen of the medal for our collection. What I remember from all those months ago:

• Very well organised, with complimentary breakfast early doors, and friendly faces at several check points.

• A number of the published ‘Greatest Climbs’ en route

• Volunteers waiting a good few extra minutes for us at the top of the mighty Gold Hill

• An unforgettable pedal through the disused railway lines almost home and dry in Bath

• The view looking back to the coastline on the image above

• Will kindly waiting up for us in the early hours as we rolled in after the PBP cut-off time

…and then there’s our stats: 9,403 calories, 4951m of elevation gain, Bristol-Weymouth-Bristol, start time 6AM, finish time 2:38AM.

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Chalke and Cheese January jaunt

1st February 2020

Well done Will! What a great January ride. Covered much of the country I knew on many roads that I had never ridden before. The ride up Cheddar Gorge in the dark really was a highlight. I also loved the glimpse I had of all the riders coming down the Bristol Bath cycle track with their front lights on – quite magical. Did 220km in all including two and from the car. It was my first Audax and I enjoyed every minute (even the final climb up to Queen Charlton). I will be riding the Chalke and Cheese next year and will try to get more of my club mates to join me.

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Response from Pedalution

First ones are always the best 😉

Easton Connection 2019

1st February 2020

An awesome ride but took me a good couple of hours longer than my usual 300k time. The ride down a Portland to the Lighthouse was amazing all be it there was a gratuitous hill on the way. The stage via Burton Bradstock was deceptively hilly and I bottled out of riding up Gold Hill as it was lethal on wet cobbles! Riding across the Longleat Estate at dusk was amazing. The cycle path and tunnels were exciting although I wish I’d got there before dark and the final climb up Lansdown Lane almost finished me off. I lost my way coming into BrIstol so local knowledge may help. The Dahl at the end was scrummy. A really challenging and varied route with amazing scenery and landscapes but possibly one of the hardest 300s I’ve done. But in a good way.

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